Best slot machines to play: learn your odds of winning and succeed

Slots are a fun and exciting way to spend time. Their design often uses flashing lights, bright colors, and attractive elements. A lot of slots also have thematic features implemented in their design and creating a great atmosphere for playing. Games became much more than some simple set of actions. Today’s slots are going to provide deep and exciting adventures that can keep the gamer’s attention for a long time.

Slots can be from the simplest ones that are called classic games with three reels and one win line to the complex and fancy ones with hundreds of ways to win. It can be hard at the first sight to find a proper game among the endless variety, but following simple recommendations, any Canadian gamer will be able to start playing in the best way. Since Canada allows gamers within its territory to visit online casinos and spend CAD there, there will be no problem in finding the best options.

Necessary features of a proper casino

The main condition of quality play is to find a proper place where you will enjoy various slots. When the gamer registers at the casino website, he enters into a particular contract with a casino that guarantees to provide him with security and fairness. But only legal reputable casinos do so. So it is important to check certain features of the casino before the gamer can trust it with his dollars:

  • the existence of positive and real reviews on the casino on different websites and forums; a good reputation means that the casino cares about its customers;
  • the license that leads to a real and authorized territory and can hold the casino responsible;
  • successful audits such as eCOGRA that stand for fairness;
  • the possession of games from large famous gaming providers; when outside reputable developers are in charge of gaming mechanics, it guarantees a proper work of a random generator and the fairness of RTP;
  • effective and responsive customer support.

The gamer will never find the best slot machines to play without considering the safety measures.

How to discover the best options

Depending on the gamer’s gambling experience and understanding of the mechanics of machines, there are several options that may appear the best choice for him:

  1. choosing the best penny slot machines to play is a good option for newbies in gambling and for those who do not want to risk huge betting sums; a unique feature here is that they allow the gamer to bet the smallest possible bet – 1 cent; such a tiny sum will set the reels’ rotation and let the gamer experience all the slot features without being afraid of losing;
  2. the second way to establish the best slot machines to play is choosing a so-called loose machine; generally, loose slots are those that have an RTP percentage higher than 96%; this is a percentage that a slot returns to the gamer from hid bet; the higher RTP is, the better slot can be called;
  3. thirdly, the gamer can pick a game among the “most popular” ones on the website; slots in this category are the most chosen ones by all visitors and thus, possess attractive features for all.

The gamer can also combine all three options and find the best one for himself.

The best slot machines to play in Canada

The following options of games can become a good choice:

  • Mega Joker with 99% RTP;
  • Monopoly Big Event with 99% RTP;
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas with 98.6% RTP;
  • Blood Suckers with 98% RTP;
  • Kings Of Chicago with 97.8% RTP.

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