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1 - Rob P.

My roommate and I enjoy Rainey Street and I said we should try some new bars other than the few we've been to. We gave The Alibi a shot as there was no line on a Saturday night and it turned out to be just fine. Giant jenga in the back with wooden hammocks. It seemed to be pretty sociable so we made some friends while playing. Don't really remember too much else to talk about, but did I mention there was no line on a Saturday night? That'll get me in the door every time!

2 - Andy O.

My guy who helped us wasn't to happy idk if he was upset but the drink was fire so TY. Much love bro

3 - Jada E.

Definitely enjoyed this spot on Rainey st. We came in on a Saturday and watched some college football. The bartenders were nice and attentive. They had mimosas and some beers on special. Got lucky and a rep from crown royal came in so we got a shot for free and a crown royal t shirt also. They have a nice sized patio and the bathrooms are located behind the bungalow also. They also had a dj who actually played good music and there were plenty of food trucks near also.

4 - Meagan G.

5 star Drinks -- the Fiona is a perfect blend of grapefruit and booze (bubbly champagne and grapefruit Deep Eddy's vodka) 5 star Atmosphere -- especially on this 74° Austin day. 2 star Service -- our (male, blonde) bartender was flat faced and snide. Chick next to him was working her butt off with a smile. But HEY with this drink and good company he's -almost- forgotten. Solid 4 stars. Great place to chat and the BEST PLACE to watch sports on Rainey if that's your thing.

5 - Darrin L.

In my time in Austin. Alibi has the best people. They care. I have no complaints. Just be less awesome On a serious note. Thank You. Y'all Rock.

6 - Soham R.

Lit place for cheap drinks on a Sunday afternoon with some fun games with friends. Gotta visit again

7 - Scott L.

Love the music in the day-bar. Not sure about night? Used to be Bar 96. Alas, no more, and it is sad in some ways: no more student specials, ,50 Lone Star long-necks. Now, Coors Light is .50!!!! No food is served except at the food truck next door. The entire Rainey St area is in transition from accommodating a thrifty student population to serving million dollar condo dwelllers. The Alibi proves that change can be good.

8 - Oscar R.

Nice place to have a drink, small but effective. The bar tenders are great, nice place to start on Rainey street.

9 - Caleb D.

First time in Austin. This place has great service and great drinks. Being from out of town we really appreciate the conversation, atmosphere, and overall feel. Want to thank Drew who was a great bartender. Honestly this is a hard place not to love.

10 - Saleen D.

We were exploring Rainey Street & went into this house to watch the NBA Finals! Loved the feel of the place, great vibes, bench swings in the back, & lots of televisions to watch your favorite sporting events. Lets not forget the sick music, drink selection, & giant games!

About The Alibi and ReviewsAbout The Alibi and ReviewsAbout The Alibi and ReviewsAbout The Alibi and ReviewsAbout The Alibi and Reviews