&are you;you've Won an Amazing pull down Menu;?

Do you remember the giveaway that we did in Gourmet Flavor for a restaurant with a Michelin star thanks to Nokia and its Amazing Menu? Today we tell you more details about this action and our winner!

December has been a month of draws, smiles and illusions thanks to Nokia with whom we have been able to enjoy the adventure of the sweepstakes.

Today we wanted to share with you one of the actions that made Nokia, thanks to them we were able to bypass a dinner very amazing in that we had a winner dubbed as Rarias1980.

&are you;you've Won an Amazing pull down Menu;?

In our case we had two videos of two different restaurants in which each participant had to guess his name and for it was worth everything, as you know the restaurant because it is your favorite, as searching for him on the internet or all that it will happen.

We still don't know if this intrepid participant has already enjoyed his gift Amazing Menu, but we can anticipate that many others have already enjoyed Nokia at your favorite restaurant.

One of the actions that you performed by Nokia was to invite to dinner persons of different restaurants which coincide with those that had to guess as the restaurant BMW, Colby Urban Coffee... Do you Want to know more? You just have to enter in the video for the end of the post and find out for yourself who were the lucky ones and in what restaurant took place.

&are you;you've Won an Amazing pull down Menu;?

Finally Nokia is carrying out more actions in which you could participate, for example, Amazing Metro in which to take a photo at one of the meters listed you could win fabulous prizes, among which the new mobile phone Nokia Lumia or Amazing Campus in the participating companions of Blogsfarm of Space Music and taking Photos where you could win Tickets to Sonar, LOMO Cameras and more!

If you want to enjoy the most amazing do not miss to be aware of all the actions of Nokia because can that on another occasion you it comes out in this video of the winners!