Recipe: Vegetables in japanese tempura

The truth is that he never tried to make a tempura japanese until a few days ago I came to the office the famous flour of Yolanda and How could I not resist to prepare it?

Recipe: Vegetables in japanese tempura

In today's article we will see:

  • Ingredients you need to make the tempura

  • How you can prepare

  • Tricks

I have to tell you that even I have not caught the exact point to the tempura, I can become even more crisp which to me has been if you follow the tricks that I put at the end.

For my part, I have to tell you that the flavor was spectacular and the flour Yolanda makes the tempura is easiest to those who prepare for the first time, the vegetables are not oily like other tempura which is something that tends to happen with another type of flour and fried, it was delicious and for the next.. You will see the result!

Recipe: Vegetables in japanese tempura

Index of the article

  • 1 Ingredients
  • 2 Preparation
  • 3 Tricks


  • Tempura:
    • Flour Yolanda
    • Water
  • Zucchini

  • Green pepper

  • Leek

  • Mushrooms


We will need two bowls, in one put flour on Yolanda and on the other, put 3 parts of the flour Yolanda or flour tempura chosen and 7 parts of very cold water, stir and with this you'll get a mass of light.

Clean and chop the vegetables in large pieces, manageable and attractive for the tempura. Put a pan with plenty of olive oil to the fire.

Once you have them, pass each piece through the dough, humedécelo well and incorporate it to the frying pan until browned.

So with every one of the parts of vegetables that you have until you finish the vegetables.

Recipe: Vegetables in japanese tempura


To make the tempura the best thing that you can use are flours such as Yolanda that come already prepared and do not have to incorporate the egg. Essential that you use cold water, the colder the much better to make the tempura, cógela of the fridge if you have one.

To not absorb too much fat incorporates vegetables or the food you choose when the oil is hot. In addition, put kitchen paper on the plate on which you go to get the vegetables to absorb the fat.

For my part, I will continue testing until you get the point because the truth is that although it was not the dish more colorful, I made the flavor is very good and as you can see, you don't have a lot of mystery.

Let's cook!