Tapas with foie gras

The caps are one of the traditions culinary Spanish that more is to be enjoyed. There is everything, meat, fish, vegetables, whatever you fancy. This time we will tell you how to prepare a delicate, elegant and delicious tapas with foie gras.


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500 gr of foie gras whole

2 carrots

100 gr of spinach leaves

1 mango

3 stalks of celery

1 ramillo arugula

1 ramillo of green onions

200 ml of fresh cream

a bit of strong mustard and curry

walnut oil

salt and pepper to taste

foie gras

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First we wash all the vegetables and then moving to cut them finely: the arugula into strips of 1 cm, the carrots we peel and cut into thin slices that we must be able to roll up on themselves (and maintain with a wooden skewer). Peel the mango and cut it into thin slices. Wash the spinach leaves and separate. The celery cut into pieces of 5 cm (choosing the most young people).

Besides, let's prepare the mustard sauce. To do this we're going to mix two tablespoons of cream with a mustard. We're also going to make a curry sauce, with two tablespoons of fresh cream and a curry, more salt and pepper to taste.

Remove the foie gras from the refrigerator and cut longitudinal slices with a good knife. Put them in a dish comfortably and bringing it back to the refrigerator.

Preparing the different tapas:

1. We are going to place on each curl of carrot, a slice of foie gras, decorate with a little walnut oil, salt and pepper.

2. Fill with a teaspoon of the mustard sauce each tronquito of celery. Decorate the top with a good amount of foie gras.

3. Pour a teaspoon of curry sauce on each slice of mango and decorate with a swab of foie gras.

4. Make a small base with a few leaves of rocket salad and pour over a little of the foie gras and decorate with walnut oil.

5. use the leaves and the foie gras to make a kind of puff pastry, alternating one and another. Finish by decorating with a swab of foie gras, pour a few drops of walnut oil, salt and pepper. Keep it all together with a toothpick.

Bring everything to the refrigerator taking care of the presentation until the time of serving.