Teatriz, multispace gastr’economic and social


When the curtain fell in the former Teatro Beatriz, it was reborn with Teatriz, a multispace culinary and social heart of Barrio Salamanca of Madrid.

Teatriz is coming to life again up the backdrop for a special date such as the 20th anniversary of the birth of this theatre.

Teatriz began to the surprise of the madrid society and cosmopolitan for its bold avant-garde. First born in the imagination of Philippe Starck, Javier Mariscal and Arnold Chan and today is still causing a sensation with this new presentation, a place with a plurality of supply and flexible spaces that are the hallmark of Teatriz.

These spaces consist of four places with own name, and all of them consist of partnerships and alliances gastronomic, design and decoration of the first level.

  • Tapas Teatriz

It is a space open to the public throughout the week, so if you're looking for a quiet and comfortable place where you can enjoy authentic cuisine, this is the place to do it.

In Tapas Teatriz you'll be able to choose The Tapas Teatriz have the influence of the four cardinal points of Spain, offering hot and cold tapas. You'll be able to choose from more than twenty tapas and raciones selected, five types of desserts.

Offers a service uninterrupted from 11:30 to 24.00 every day of the week


  • Restaurant

If you want to enjoy the international cuisine with products of Appellation of Origin in the former area of seats in the theater, your option is the Restaurant Teatriz.

Your more attractive is the dynamism gastronomic, as each season varies the letter to be able to give you the best of the moment.

In the wine list you can choose between 84 references, all of first level, to enhance the flavor of each dish


  • Teatriz Kirei

It is a concept of catering only in Madrid developed by Kabuki and Sudestada.

You can enjoy the bests dishes of “cuisine” of Kabuki (spicy Tuna, Nigiri, egg-fried, Karê not buta, japanese curry...) and the classic cocktails of Sudestada , with or without alcohol (Mojito Fazenda, Saffron Collins -version of the legendary Tom Collins, or the Nippon Bloody Shame).


Pink Lounge

In the Pink Lounge, you'll enjoy a comprehensive and sophisticated offering of cocktails created by Sudestada. You can choose between more than fifty cocktails with alcohol or without alcohol, champagne, bourbon, rum, vodka, whiskey, liqueurs, distillates... A wide range for a discerning palate.